Where to go this Thanksgiving instead of going home

Photo:  robcocquyt /Shutterstock

Photo: robcocquyt/Shutterstock

The Matador Network enjoys fondue at Basalt.

The busiest travel day of the year in the US is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, although most of the journeying is done by car to gather with family. Visiting somewhere exciting and new isn’t usually the plan. In these charged social times, however, getting out of town — whether to discover a new city, relax on a beautiful beach, or catch some early-season skiing — is probably a better way to recharge than getting into a political discussion around a turkey. Or maybe you and the in-laws are getting along fine — so well, in fact, that you’re happy to bring them with you, but you just want to do it somewhere that isn’t the suburbs. Here are the best places to visit this Thanksgiving break. Read the full article.

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